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A Quick Guide to Pet Fashion

Dressing your pet can be cute and fun as long as you do it safely. Check out this post for a quick guide to everything you need to know about pet fashion.

Did you know that pet fashion started in the early 2000s?

People put dog clothes are their furry friends for either practical or indulgent reasons. If you're a dog owner and you have yet to buy a trendy outfit or fancy dog collar, it's about time you jumped on the bandwagon.

Dogs are part of the family, and they deserve to be dressed in the best pet fashion. Join the 60 percent of millennials who are likely to buy fashion items for their pets.

Here is everything you need to know about pet fashion:

Introduce Dog Clothes Gradually

Your pet may be a little hesitant to jump into wearing an outfit every day. They might be afraid of the smell or feel, so never force them - instead, give them time to familiarize themselves with dog clothes.

Try to start teaching your dogs to have a positive association with pet clothes when they are still in their puppyhood stage. The earlier they get used to it, the better.

It's best to let them sniff the material and lay the clothes on their back to get used to the smell and feel. When they start responding positively to these sessions, reward them with their favorite treat.

Remember Safety First

Your dog already dons a full fur coat on a daily basis. Keep in mind that dogs can become overheated quickly with an added layer of clothing on.

Ensure dog clothes aren't worn for too long and don't restrict movement or air pathways.

Choose the Pet Fashion That's Best for Your Dog

When dressing your dog, make sure the outfit is neither too tight nor too loose. Pet fashion is fun but always stay away from clothes that cover your dog's eyes, mouth, ears, or nose. Most importantly, your dog should still be able to go to the bathroom with the outfit on.

Avoid dog clothes or dog collars that are scented or doused in chemicals. This can harm your furry friends.

Use dog clothes made specifically for dogs instead of throwing them in an outfit made for humans.

It's easy to get carried away wanting to dress your dog in the latest fashion trends, but always take a second to make sure your dog is comfortable and happy.

Take Note of How Your Pet Reacts

Observe your dog's body language when they have pet clothes on. They may look adorable, but if their ears are down, have big eyes, or are cowering their heads, their new outfit may stress them out.

Even the best pet fashion won't sit right with every dog. If your dog shows signs of being uncomfortable, don't force it.

Turn Your Dog into a Fashion Model Today

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